About Us

Our mission is to help seniors stay in their homes and remain independent and socially active.

Your Ally is Here to Help

When everyday activities and tasks become a challenge for seniors, our team comes to the rescue offering non-medical assistance to seniors and their families, creating peace of mind. We pride ourselves on our compassionate approach and welcome each new client into our Ally family. Ally Senior Care Services provides companionship and escorted transportation services to the senior community and respite to their extended family members. We are dedicated to the dignity of each person we serve.

About the Team

The owner/operator, Pama Huntley, has spent decades providing individual senior care and working in multilevel nursing homes, more commonly referred to as assisted living communities. She understands, all too well, the importance of seniors being able to remain in their own homes. While Pama enjoys working in assisted living communities, she is able to see the contrast in the quality of life seniors experience in the community and the quality of life they experience at home. The seniors who reside in assisted living communities must relinquish their homes, much of their independence and their privacy. It is because of this reason that Pama has made it her lifelong mission to help maintain our seniors’ independence by assisting with mobility and social engagement of the senior citizen community.


All business is conducted with discretion. The Ally Senior Care Services team has decades of experience caring for seniors through their various stages of life. Our compassionate team is hand picked and has passed an extensive background check, providing a stellar standard of quality care.